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Kimberly Erickson-Nichols is the founder of Heart To Heart Healing. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and an Advanced Practice Social Worker. She is a recognized specialist for emotional and behavioral disturbances in children.Kimberly is an expert in the treatment of children and families struggling with issues related to trauma, attachment and bonding. She specializes in a family-based treatment approach that addresses the underlying interactive dynamics for the entire family. Kimberly strives to strengthen the entire family by assisting with integration of the body and mind.

Kimberly’s treatment centers around attunement, attachment, bonding and emotional healing and regulation with an emphasis on unconditional loving relationships.  She helps provide an understanding of how to parent the whole child and supporting a child’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development. Kimberly combines cutting edge information and neuroscience research with real experiences to offer families a new paradigm in which to parent and live. She currently facilitates parenting classes for families with challenging behaviors and classes for parents of a high conflict divorce. She lectures and provides consultations on various topics including foster care and adoption, trauma, attachment and bonding and divorce. Kimberly also facilitates intensive emotional healing days and intensive parent camps.

Kimberly believes that any child who has experienced any form of trauma and emotional hurt only heal in environments that are supportive and unconditionally loving. She believes that every family has the ability to create their own healing.

Mission Statement: To provide every child the experience of being parented with unconditional love and to provide every family the opportunity to experience true love, peace and joy.

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"There is nothing else like it out there. And nothing else will make such a long-term impact. Kimberly’s parenting classes are a must for parents with children that have severe behaviors."


"I kept projecting my own childhood experiences onto my children. When I learned their traumatic experiences define so much of their current behaviour, I was finally able to see how important it was for me to change my responses to them. I have seen so many positive changes in my children. I finally have hope."


"The opportunity for the Heart to Heart Support is AWESOME! I can’t imagine what I’d do without this. The Heart to Heart Connection group is also such a lifeline!"

Parent of 2 adopted children

"As a middle school special education teacher, I see extreme behaviors and the disconnect “regular education” presents for these students. This seminar has given me SO MUCH to bring to my students, their parents and the teachers and administration in my school."

Special Education teacher

"Kimberly is so knowledgeable and thoughtful in her presentations. Her enthusiasm is contagious."


"Every teacher needs this information!"

Middle School Teacher

"We have started to implement the stress model. The positive changes we are seeing in our family are absolutely incredible! There is healing and we are enjoying being a family again. We were so scared before we started working with Kimberly, but now we are so hopeful!"

Parents of 2 biological children and 3 adopted children