The Stress Model, developed by Dr. Bryan Post, is a theoretical model that explains the root cause of problematic behavior. In fact, if you are able to fully grasp the stress model, and the wide-ranging implications for its applicability, it will enable you to begin creating a healing dynamic for your family within the next moment!

The Stress Model says, "All behavior arises from a state of stress. In between the state of stress (albeit good stress or bad stress) and the behavior, is the presence of an emotion. It is through the expression, processing, and understanding of the emotion that we can calm the stress (reducing the bodymind's overwhelming stress reaction) and diminish the behavior.


As an adult, when someone tells you to do (this or that) and then ends with “or else,” what comes to mind? When someone gives you the “deadly look,” what comes to mind? If someone gives you the “silent treatment,” what comes to mind? Better yet, how do you FEEL when you experience any of the above? Do these actions bring you closer to that person and help you develop more trust or do you have a gut feeling of disgust? Now think back to your childhood years and remember a time in which you experienced one of these. You can almost relive it, right? Today’s society has lost focus on trusting and loving relationships and tends to turn to fear tactics in order to get someone to “comply.” Today’s society has become touch phobic and emotion phobic. Sadly, relationships get sacrificed for outcomes.